We believe GOD loves women. And that women all over the world need to know more than anything…

who they are.  

Light Breaks Through Women’s Encounters are about bringing women together, from all walks of life, from the strip club to the church pew – women need to know, desperately know – their God given worth.  And we’ve found... women don’t know.  Women don’t know their worth, their value, their purpose. 

We want to help with that. 

We want to talk about identity.

Identity. Purpose. Worth. 

We host “women’s encounters” that are two day events where we gather, learn, grow, and share in real life community. We ask women to take off their masks and JUST BE. That is where God will meet you. We pray that you will be led to see your value, your worth, and your identity and not settle for a life of mediocrity and shallow relationships.

We hope you will join us. The journey of redemption is waiting- we just have to say YES.


"Awesome job...

It was so refreshing to see authentic Christianity from real people with real issues just being REAL!!! This is so needed in the church today; especially among women in the church that sit there week after week with "our safe of secrets" dying inside just wishing to share with someone who could relate to us on a personal level... someone that is not spiritually superior looking down their noses at our "scarlet letters" that they themselves gladly place on us. God bless you for LOVING WELL." 

Angela Johnson, Jacksonville, Florida